Dear Molasses,

Come onnn. Give it a break.  No Sh*t I live in made up fantasies these days. Your fears and hesitations look like a lot of drama from where I stand. Yaa, I’m on a whole new level. Uhhh.. 5:13a drinking coffee lining these fears and thrown spears up to be handled as efficiently as they can be should scare you

Cry that I’m calling you out. Go ahead. I’m done soaking my shirt with tears that aren’t even needed!  Sitting here chronicalizing, eyes drying, Ima need some ice packs after this fight.   I’m flying high. I need a kite.

Look up “SUPPRESSED LOVE”  No wonder I felt like I died. Damaged ambitions and knocked down aura quite frankly. I used that as opposition too. Bet.

Shed tears for I have no fears anymore. You have no control over me anymore. It’s so debilitating when you knock me off my game. It’s a shame.

Bet on this. I came before you. Y’all did this. Y’all put me in a cage. Take responsibility. I’m free though. As of last nights ig post, I’m free. Drops mic.



  • dolores cortlessa

    Kyle are you really free I hope so it’ll give you a better life and not so much to think about you can start all over again that’s what you have to do when you’re down you have to brush yourself off and get up again and start all over I love you I hope you had a good Easter I know they had dinner at your house that’s really great love you

  • Well I hope you mean it and are really free now!
    Can move forward !!! You better !!!

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