My Personal Weight Scales


First, be glad I consider you all opportunities, slates eager to grow.
Please please please don’t make me weigh my costs. You’re not going to take kindly to the verdict. Too bad I prioritize things differently. I’m not a fan of coming in second. I’m kind of clueless why you’d want to either.
Something that will make this easy is that there are only two real variables in this equation.

Which are you? I’ll even let you decide. At this point in my life, making me choose for you is childish and immature.
I’m doing what I can to add to everybody’s life. In my mind, I’m an asset.

PROGRESS includes building up of each other, making strides together and letting me treat you like a princess.
DRAMA includes holding out, secrecy, complaining and not communicating openly.
If I can not reach you when I need to, you’re automatically getting shoved into that drama category.

I DO NOT have time for drama.
Make your own bed.

Current drama filled list includes:
Certain individuals at Pure
Many at Mainline Rehabilitation Associates
More than a few family members

I’m just happy getting this out there, out of my head this morning will hopefully help me have a good weekend. (The chips have just left my hands.)

Moving on.

Excuse me while I rest for therapy.

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  • The fact that I can trust certain individuals will NOT EVEN READ a single word I share with the world/ everybody that cares is a disgrace.
    (Priorities, huh!?)

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