One More Thing!

Baby, thank you for giving me this new comfort I’ve longed for coming out of my shell. You have no idea how much it is helping me to know everything WE want is coming our way still. I’ve been holding steady better than I ever thought I could. I’m still nervous about breaching that front. I’m happy to know you’ll be there holding my hand through it all.
I’m super glad you identified my hesitant nature and understood I’ve been doing everything in my power to make things work. The crew you roll with not being super supportive of us even trying to make things work, made me feel sucker-punched in the jaw for dreaming of what could have been.
I have a full day of therapy today! 5 hours!
I’ll tell ya, expressing myself as much as I am now has to be working in my favor. I feel alive, rejuvenated and hopeful. For as much as I advocate for the pro’s of discomfort, who would have thought I’d be the one to run away with my tail between my legs whenever you tried to open up!? That’s on me, I know that. I’m being mindful dealing with my fears these days. I’m trying to be anyways.
I’m just happy we’ve both wanted to support each other and build each other up since day one.

Have a great day! Talk soon!

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