Too much honesty?

Dear Open Slate,
Ya, I’m upset with where you left me. I’ll hold your name cause that’s how I’m able to express myself without insurmountable amounts of nerves jittering and tears flowing.
I’m scared of you. That alone erases any and all comfortability, are you kidding me? I pushed too hard I was told. Y’all ran away and pointed those crossed hairs at my head.
Then you wanted to know why I preferred to keep my distance without giving me a way to reach you. That was immature as f*ck. How do you want me to reach you if you never give me a reason or way to reach you?
What’s even better is I’m finding myself screening calls, trembling, thinking maybe just maybe more disdain is coming my way.
I hung the importance of open dialogue on my wall. My unfamiliarity with knowing the ropes of being a mindreader was up there too. Nod yes because you recognize the truth stated. I hate it. Dw I love you though. I know this will be printed out and shoved in my face as a piece of evidence how I broke the rules and deserved all this bullshit.

Vulnerability, ya it may be a strength but not supported it remains a wilted flower. Thanks!

Believe me, RESOLUTION is all I could additionally benefit from at this point, but I’ll depend solely on myself for that too. I WILL “let go!”

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    I don’t understand the meaning of your text here can you explain it to me maybe I’m stupid I don’t know but I don’t understand what you’re trying to say who hurt you will you explain that to me and every time I send a comet it tells me it’s been said before will you tell me how to correct it cuz I really don’t know I’m frustrated with this I love you Kyle no matter what I love

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