Hey Magpie

Do you remember how absolutely APE-SHIT your team went when I innocently mentioned the word AFFECTION? Huhhhh!?
Fuckin-A, bullshit still haunts me.
I’m STANDING these days with a gaping hole in my heart. How’s it feel to hold onto a mending agent and keeping it all to yourself? Huhhhh!?
I’m NOT comfortable thinking about any of you too hard. That’s because tables got flipped, threats were made, my vulnerabilities were discussed and never even read when I posted about them openly and receptively.
I just know putting me losing you to the side, somebody at least will mourn the loss of my dedication and compassion.. I Hope.
My loving heart had to vacate the scene to ensure it’s survival.
Mischaracterizing me the way y’all did hurt me. Hearts hardly pumping get put aside so I can redirect my eyes and see the road ahead less distracted.
Have a great week, friends.



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