Rebounding my state of mind here.

Why content and output be like “Wait. Get away from me. I’m not a mind reader. I’m not going to arrive at an answer we both want to hear. I’m not going to jeopardize my life’s momentum if I’m swarmed by bees saying sting/ buzz. Ya my fear levels might be ruining everything I’ve worked for but certain people not even considering the misinformation they give as a root or probable cause of my displaced emotions are really dropping in my affection levels.
Bull is words like affection, electric, chair and I like you are land mines I’ve learned to avoid with everything in my power.
I’m still waking up at quarter after 5! Writing lines.
And know I will hear about my entries only when individuals read between the lines wrong

You know I’m not hiding a thing. I’m honest to a fault and the way you make me feel about myself is not right. I spend minutes a day drying my eyes. Out of breath all I’d ask is for you to say “you are not a predator and your primal instincts to rotate wheels and aim to procreate are spot on.”

I’m not bashing anybody but myself because you poured gas all over me then lit the flame. Stay in your lane is my course of action. Traction. . Falling back an…” are my initial thoughts every day and that’s OD.

Thanks for understanding.
I’m standing up for me. Sorry I stalled miss, you didn’t remind me to be open and receptive that day at all.

P.S My only real fear revolves around you, him and her overreacting over me being a normal human being. Thanks

One way communication is so detrimental to my state of mind. I expressed that time and time again to no avail. I’m glad you listened to those emails.


Also, please resist calling me out for my lack of patience and respect when you can’t even read my emails. 

STOP AND THINK would have been a smart move. Too bad I wasn’t someone you thought was worth mutual respect, your openness and receptivity. Thanks!

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