Ruins Remember. Grieving Partially

Dear Kyle:
“Yo, do not even try that thing they call vulnerability. Don’t mess up the best thing you’ve ever had.
Remember, you’re not going to get another chance. Some people do not react well to probing and mischaracterizations as well as you do, (KYLE.)
Friendships scare others because they’re weak and lack souls. You’re in that group too *sshole!
Don’t you remember the times you rebuked relations to prove a point? Of course you fuckin* do.
“People” can’t handle you when you’re weak. They can hardly help you when you’re on top. Respect from you or the lack thereof does not get brushed off like the miscommunications they get by with building their appearance with.
You get one chance. You better not be “scared” or vent/express frustration with the wrong person.
Trust me❤️, I know that now. There are no points to prove.
Dw tho, Hope’s there. They won’t let that misrepresentation of your heart go though. Count on that. Good thing YOU LET IT GO!”

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