Don’t miss your chance

With girls, with a free ride to the gym, with an opportunity knocking on your door.. your chances will MOST LIKELY pass you by if the stars don’t align just right, right?
Stop depriving yourself. I’m working on the same kinds of things. I break hearts daily. Mine, hers, the champ who gives me a high five every time I lift.. they let their self esteem build walls just like you.
Cloaks of trust diminish easily. Trust me. You are the only one in it for you. They are not going to meet you halfway. Get off that mindset.
Best advice, do you. Leave the door open but do you. Know that they are missing out.

Remember God is behind you and anyone not on your team is already at a loss.

Progress has been my steadfast love of life. Those not adding to or supporting you, are going the less-than-optimal way.

Pray for them.


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