Today’s Double Edged Sword

I’m all over the map. I know that. It’s working out, no complaints here at all. First, a peek into some creative writing I littered the notepad on my phone with yesterday:

Reiterations 1 through 3

Let’s get it. That’s right, making it through this post today will lighten my load tomorrow. That’s called being proactive and I believe that would also be considered being efficient.


I do not feel comfortable moving on without muttering under my breath that if you are not willing to go out of your way to meet me halfway, that’s on you.

2.) I already feel comfortable with my rate of output, my pace. You better show to me that I am wanted in your life… or nothing. I’ll keep chugging, lugging the luggage and finding my own pathway to the circle of winners. Losing me (in your corner) will be your biggest mistake. Easing your way to full throttle is a no-no. I’m cannonballing all of my energy, determination and perseverance into everything I do. Don’t tell me you’re surprised either. You’ve read my eyes since the starting line. I gave you that insight. I expected nothing in return. I went light on you.

Me going all in is too much to handle for those with low expectations. I know that. Dignity is something I possess.

3.) I look forward to this pack on my back getting heavier! I love picking things up and putting them down!

I’d rather have high expectations of myself than be comfortable at the bottom of the fish-tank swimming in circles!

Check this text out on my podcast!



Once I got those frustrations out of my system, I had a pretty great day! I went swimming in the Chesapeake Bay! I was doing the backstroke at some points! Spent a good 45 minutes in the water!



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