Pardon Me, Patunia!


In my eyes, the world IS passing you by at an alarming rate! If you can’t keep up with little ol’ me, you best be open to tweaking a few things. I am putting my wellbeing first in my life. It’s working out for the best, too.
QUICK STAT: I checked my phone at 4:55a this morning. By 5:15, I was in the kitchen with my fluids poured.
These past two months have been more of a straight northward-bound climb to unseen rates of success opposed to anything resembling a gradual, tiresome, never-ending marathon to new heights. I’m running circles around the winners’ circle waiting for you to jump in.
All in the span of what it used to take me to do anything on my own feels amazing. I spent a portion of the weekend hanging out, and networking with an MLB player and his family. That was super enjoyable. They are all so supportive of my journey to the top and my recovery.

I had a big blueberry pancake this morning at 8:30a (which I completely devoured). Check out my week’s schedule below. I’m focused.











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