Pin ’em and Win!

This week’s post comes to you a day early for I definitely want to share and document all the successes I’ve been a part of this weekend! Firstly, check out this clip below!

My training has hit a new level of capacity. Wall sits are tough. Just imagine doing them at 10 years old, week in and week out! That’s wrestling practice for ya. Wrestling practice is where I learned them anyways.

Speaking of wrestling practice, yesterday, a friend of mine and I left early in the morning and headed upstate.

We made good time, but as planned we made it to Boalsburg, Pa just before or a few minutes after noon. We made a surprise visit to my wrestling coach and mentor, Ken Chertow’s wrestling camp.

Before long, I was on the mat climbing all over a throwing dummy!

Bringing tears to Ken’s face was not my goal but I doubt he’ll deny the impact of my presence. Getting a standing ovation or two WHILE FLEXING was definitely a cherry on top of the experience, too. I did tune into some coaching while there to learn more about double leg take downs with high crotch reaches. I’m not there yet but I WAS able to stand up off the floor with min assist during Friday’s Endurance Training with Clay. After planks, I was able to climb up two boxes to standing position and get into my chair relatively quickly. See the pics below! That’s 3 Time State Champ, Tylan Morgan showing off with me! He is a Champ and a Godly man! All 3 of us, Louie, Ty and I praying together was a huge highlight for me!

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