Session 1: “Hey Clay, lets get huge, together!”

Disclaimer:  I am rough around the edges, but I look forward to continuing to develop into the best version of myself that I can be – MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. 

Disclaimer #2:  My computer is down. I’m putting this together on an iPad.  Please excuse my usual caliber of proficiency, etiquette, flow and sensitivity being off IF they seem off. Thanks!

Clay, I’m very much looking forward to our first session working together this Friday. 

I appreciate your team of support and I being able to agree on how sessions would ideally go. 

Your sessions resembling mine from the start will reduce mis-prioritizing our output. 

You can’t perform at your best…. (III can’t perform at my best) with my focus so diverse that the task at hand is not my center of attention.   

Friday, let’s hit Biceps and Triceps; Forearms and Grip Strength. 

Let’s start off with Bicep Curls. I work with 10’s and 15’s.  Learning to do sets of 10 is how I grew up doing them. Within the last month or two, I’ve been working towards exhausting my my muscles until near discomfort.   Try starting with 3 sets of 10.  4 sets if you’re feeling it towards the end. 

I’m going all out on every set these days. 2 sets of 30 curls, 2 sets of 20. THATS 100 reps!

Hammer Curls after that is the usual. We want to exercise the full range of the muscle so even if you go with a lighter weight, focusing on form even more makes me feel better.  

Preacher Bench Bicep Curls with the angled bar next!  3 sets of 10-15. I start with the bar with NO weight to get the juices flowing. Bumping the weight up by adding 5’s or 10’s only will increase the number of sets we do.  FULL SETS!  Goals will start to sound a lot like “Yesterday’s best is today’s bare minimum.”

Remember your current bests are soon supposed to be your warm up sets. It’s mindset bro, ADDING MORE TO YOUR PLATE means your stats are multiplying. 

I DO RECOMMEND starting your journaling. Logging as much as I can keeps me motivated.   My daily lists look like scoreboards.  Creativity and writing are what got me sticking to the lifestyle I’m living in!  Be your own hype man, man!  Thanks again for this opportunity!  

I do look forward to getting your permission to share YOUR RESULTS!

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