Head Games.

This moment is yours.  You know what’s on the table.  Outside influences, I know I’ve been guarding myself to know I’m protected.  You hear me week in and week out though, I’m here to stay on track.  I want  you here with me.  That is now on your shoulders, rise up or continue trailing the pack, in my rearview.  Co-Pilot or nothing!

All the money in the world could not sway me from delivering my blow to the world – near and far.  Hold your head high.  Blitz the line and make your move!  Sign to the interim coach that you are staying on the field, under center calling the plays. 
Get even more comfortable leading, being the best that you can see in your immediate proximity.  Worry less about false perceptions demoralizing your rep.  Move past issues having issues with your issues.

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  • Priscilla B

    I definitely needed to hear this today. THANK YOU!!

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