Ok, so writing this morning may not have been item no. ONE to get done but successfully ingesting my fluids IS a bit more important!  Fluids, slippers, Probiotics THEN WRITING does have a nice flow to it if you ask me.
Before I forget to point it out, feel free to take a glance at yesterday’s creative output at (https://www.kylekeech.com/03-24-hustle/).  Showering and clearing my eyes of crust even has yet to take place.  I want you to understand how important writing to RECOVER/ writing to GET STRONGER and writing to stay developing is to me!  “Bet..” I am looking forward to dominating the breakfast scene, annihilating every hint of struggle, continuing to prosper, grow and brush competition off.
–  It feels good to have all your ducks in a row, see the results you’ve worked tirelessly for and add to your potential every second of every day!  (Yes, I just clapped for myself!)

Last week, MY gym schedule relied too much on others!  I’ll own that!  This week’s training starts here and now with this post.  I will get this week’s LEG DAY in tonight if my cards play out right.  CHEST with my local trainer is scheduled for Wednesday evening already.  I climbed last week, 6 ascents, so that’s not on my schedule this week.  I AM looking forward to tomorrow’s Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy.
It’s crazy to me how fast the food in my house disappears.

Boxes of cereal, half gallons of milk, the month’s supply of Spark, all of that needs ordered, picked up and/or shipped my way!  LIVING MY LIFE TO CONSTANTLY FOCUS ON GROWING, FEEDING MY MUSCLES AND STAYING FOCUSED HAS BEEN THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

“COACH THEM KYLE!” is all I’m waiting to, anticipating to, looking forward to hear yet.  LIFE BY DESIGN!!

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