Believe me, I AM motivated.  You, my friend have some catching up to do I’m afraid to say.  Those are my feelings anyway.  How come I don’t hear or see you jumping through your own hoops I wonder.  I guess it’s just my disposition being more evident.

THANK GOD FOR THAT!  I’ll tell you right now, I’d rather constantly be swinging my bat, GETTING STRONGER IN ANTICIPATION OF THE PERFECT PITCH than winning the game by some lame inclement weather decision…

Stop putting all your faith in conditions out of your control.  Hold yourself more accountable and responsible for success and growth.  Faith, Hope and Resilience are so important.  I’ve heard questioning yourself shows strength and conviction though.

My Faith in God, The Father is of utmost importance to me, know that.  Faith in results comes from the active acknowledgment and validation of the work put in.

I SWEAR MY WINNING STREAK is nowhere near ending and I have trouble seeing how much more grateful I could be.  There’s always room for more appreciation, but my actions, and intentions producing results beyond my own expectations just blows my mind!


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