Awake Now!

Awake, sipping (SELF-BREWED) coffee, laughing just about sums up my status right now.  Shout out to Bob Colmery for participating in, coming home with a medal and doing well at his race yesterday.  I saw a picture and assumed the rest.  I’ll be checking in with you today one way or another to get the full scoop!

Just to ACKNOWLEDGE IT and GET OVER IT QUICKER, I am still paying attention to my legs maintaining their condition.  10 days post-slip, just being aware of what could possibly go wrong is not the best feeling.  Good thing continuing to push and overcoming reality has become what I’m known for!

By now, you probably already know week in and week out I do my best to work up the confidence needed to practice, record and publish motivational clips.  I was really feeling that courage getting out of bed today.  Check Out And Subscribe To My YouTube Channel HERE!

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