Ambition – Momentary Poetic Chaos

Yes, this week’s gym schedules are set.  Yes, horse-cart/driving therapy today will be checked off my to-do list this afternoon.
Yes, my energies are prioritized to lift up boulders on my back. Milk cartons with the flick of my wrists and expansion in every facet of life, #explosive.

Bullet point schedules are not unfamiliar at all.  Biased agendas, temped greediness, and self-serving ambitions do not sound appetizing unless you’re in the drivers’ seat LIKE ME.  Goals belong on that Checklist.  I am not going to apologize for these faults for this is creative/ free writing meant to get myself going!  If they help you so be it.

It’s raining again and believe me, staying cozy, writing all day does sound savory.  Pushing through everything IS THE NAME OF THE GAME, SO LET’S HAVE AT IT!

DDD – Don’t Do Drama
Have a great week!



















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