This week (10/1-10/5)

You’re correct, it is Tuesday.  I swear, tonight and tomorrow’s gym schedules have been set for what feels like forever now.
Tonight:  I’ll target Back and Shoulders!
Tomorrow:  I’ll hit LEGS!
(See The Starter Routine page for your intros!)

Today, let me ACKNOWLEDGE, I jotted down a to-do list on a piece of paper without even thinking about it.

For BREAKFAST I had a bowl of Special K.
PICTURES” refers to clearing space on my phone so I can continue taking PROGRESS SHOTS and really start motivating friends with pictures/ visual proof that the standards I set for myself are aimed at continuing to develop strengths, mass and posture.


Trust me I’ll be researching more recipes to share, but ideas like these protein balls in the pic are soon going to have an IBK label beside them!  😊

Thanks Spark Recipes!

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