Cheers Keech!

“Cheers Keech!” is all they needed to say, but boy was the presence of real friends at my 30th birthday/ HOUSEWARMING party much appreciated!
That was Saturday evening.  My newest rad friends, Ian and Colette stopped by and dropped off a card first.  SHOUTOUT!

Play by play accounts from that point on are not going to be attempted.  Old friends, new ones, parents, coaches, TOO MANY TO COUNT!

Like clockwork, that morning I received a box of team t-shirts and Advocare products from Coach Ken Chertow.





Thanks John!  The new shoes are working great!  I got them on today in lightening speed!  What a great idea!

The best of the best school relations being reunited. Thank you everyone for ALL THE SUPPORT, Past, Present and FUTURE!  You are the ones who give ME strength.  ONE of many!  I’m Blessed!  Thanks Again!

Have a great week!
Kick barriers to dust.

(Here’s a snapshot of poems.  Thanks!)
A Storyteller’s September Project!




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