Be Direct

<insert subtle rhythm>
Part of how we do things here is based on doing it your way!  I’ve drilled that into your head umpteen times and feel you are starting to see that mantra produces results.


Today’s post will hopefully help refine things to avoid wasting energy, time and needless effort.  I got out of bed today and walked straight to my computer.  I’m focusing on being deliberate with my intentions.  I already set my gym sesh up for this evening so don’t sweat that.  I did NOT however think about, or create room for other people’s schedules, agendas or to-do lists to interfere with my goals for the day.

Take the hint and let your more specific intentions get finished first.  “Hone in on researching what newer exercises you can implement to switch up you BI’S AND TRI’S SESSION tonight” I’m sitting here telling myself.

USE THE CABLES DOING YOUR TRICEP EXTENSIONS, KEECH!  Varied angles target varied muscles.  Stay symmetrical always but allow the fringe limits of your range to be impacted!

Here’s a link to a forum detailing a few triceps exercises on

Oookayyyy… now, get your personal page started and start logging today’s accomplishment so I can read’em, rate’em and give you a perfect score!


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