Planned out my week!

07/09/2018 –

Ok, solo morning routine – DONE
Special K, coffee, and Spark all prepared, served BY ME and consumed BY ME (or IS still being consumed right now.)  My stomach is feeling a bit better than yesterday and this week’s GYM SCHEDULE starts tomorrow.

Note: The only reason I may not be there, pushing my body past it’s limits today is finding a reliable ride is not as easy as it sounds.

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(I didn’t find myself in the kitchen today until after 8 this morning!)

Finding individuals willing to transport me to the gym, possibly help me on and off the bike and drop me off back at home is on my to-do list.  Looking at my parking lot, I can breathe.  I may not get to the gym but walking laps on un-level ground will put all the muscles needed to stand erect to the test.


See the Starter Routine ON MY SITE for your introductions to MY ROUTINES.  If you want to succeed while working, make it your job to make progress AND GET STRONGER at all times!


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