AHHHH!  Too bad you missed it!  Tori, my sister took me to climbing yesterday.  I went over and beyond.  6 ascents! (after only maxing out at 4 before!)  I guess this post counts as me clocking in for today.  NEW STANDARD SET!!!!!

#raisingtheroof should apply.  Anywho, maximizing my time on my own and PRODUCING RESULTS LIKE THESE means one thing and one thing only.  Prayer, gratitude, and the ability to rise up and realize it’s on you are very important.😊

^ me rambling..  sawry!


It’s just too exciting and happening all at once to document it all at once.  (#burn)

Let’s see..  Shout out Jim, Joanie, Brady and Tori (for driving)!
Thank you all so much for the support and continued patience.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve never made moves at such a clip!
I am so excited to see what life has for me next.


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