Again, refining my expertise?  Perhaps..  All I’m saying is besides LOVING waking up in my own bed, house and residence…  My love for completing all my activities of Daily Living by myself in the morning paints a cross of confidence across my chest daily that is hard to replicate!

Cool fact, I’m happy to see Facebook mutes all background music at a certain point to save me from copyright infringement risks.

Check out this video of me washing my face:( to see what I’m talking about.  That’s a huge relief for me, I know that.  If us not being friends on Facebook yet limits you seeing it, ADD ME!

Following up with the local softball team today sounds like a great idea.  It’s Monday, so planning to be in that gym by 5:15 this evening is already in the back of my head.
Make sure you see the Starter Routine page for your intro’s!



BACK AND SHOULDERS will be my target muscle group tonight!

We are done here, moving on!

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