03-26 New Environment A Nuisance?

 (Old bedroom now being used as an office)

Getting to my post today by 8:10ish is not bad, ok?  Considering people cry pretty much when I sound the bugle horn by 6:30a on the regular…  I hope they’re smiling today.

Mind you the clip below was immediately taken after I sat up this morning, I’m not sounding crystal clear.  As I muttered, I’d like to open the discussion floor to suggested topics and/or questions you may have for me (generally) about my life (mostly as it pertains to recovery).

Up until now, all content creation and dialogue has been scraped off the bottom of my skull and force fed.  I’d like to continue developing as a blogger/ vlogger, so any and all constructive criticism you can come up with for me is fair play.

You already know living up to what’s expected of me is my favorite way to play.  Try recording yourself raising the bar on me, I WILL respond!



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  • great post. some ideas for content:

    goal setting
    music & fitness
    independent living, activites of YOUR new daily life
    product reviews
    importance of sleep/rest days

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