Creative Writing – 02/08

Stunned?  Scared?  Worried a bit?  Not me!

Focusing on, and putting myself first (in a positive way) feels so good.  My health and wellbeing, magnified to the point that drawing a bullseye (and hitting the mark) becoming easier is amazing.



..and 2 Probiotic Restore Ultra’s to start the day means business is getting done!  Climbing at “the spot” tonight is already confirmed.
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There is never an inappropriate amount of pressure coming from me to get you doing you.  I hope to be considered an asset one day by a few, but “patiently waiting for a track to explode” is no longer an excuse for me.  I’m going to do me, continue documenting it and hope for the best (for you).  I know I’m succeeding, seeing the next mile marker, and moving forward in life.  All I need to do, quite frankly is..   KEEP PUSHING!
#keeppushing #win  


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