It’s In The Genes!

Talk about ending the week on a good note!  This past weekend I tackled CHEST.  (See the Starter Routine page of course to find an easy routine to try).  More so than that though, I successfully added a few new friends to my site,  Look to the Character Endorsements page to find an active button to Max Randell is a 20 year old man who was born with Canavan Disease.  See his fundraising page can be found at (


I connected with his mom who shared with me that his brother, Alex wrestles for Notre Dame.  Alex competed at and won the first match of Saturday’s dual.   (

From our discussions, Max’s family and team are doing everything they can to raise enough money to put him through another bout of Cell and Gene Therapy. Learn more about The Cell and Gene Therapy Center here:

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  • dolores cortlessa

    oh, this soooo good -wouldn’t expect anything else from you, grandson, You are sooooo caring, I love you!

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