11-3 WTR

6 ascents, 90 minutes, 1 bottle of Spark, more acknowledgment than I know what to do with..
“Yea, that about sums up my Thursday night climbing!”

Hahahaha, snowflakes!  If you ever hear me complimenting your hair, clothes, energy or make up, take it as a compliment.  You’re only clouding your own mind thinking I’m venomously trying to attack you.

Point AND Case:
Entering the rock gym last night I passed some kid with BLUE HAIR.  “Cool!” I thought.  “Nice hair!” I said.  According to those around me, by the look on his face he did not take it as kindly as it was meant to be taken.


P.S – It really felt good to pay for my own TRAINING SESSION with the proceeds of selling a canister of Spark this week!

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