10-31 – WTR

Yes, today is Tuesday, gym day, Back and Shoulders.  To get it out of the way, I’m proud I am now able to “Let it go…,” criticize myself less for slips of the tongue, and move on with less than a stutter in my step.

I am very critical of myself, too much at times, but paying each and every misspelled or mispronounced word too much attention is a BIG WASTE OF ENERGY. 
“SAVE YOUR ENERGY!”  is something I used to say all the time.

So far today, I let my two contacts know their tubs of Spark are at my house waiting to be picked up.
I know I mentioned it on facebook, but if I have not made it abundantly clear yet IBK-STARTER PACKS are the way to go!


Also today I got around to saving these IBK-STARTER PACKS to IBKNutrition.com’s platform.  You’ll have to register as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER or DISTRIBUTOR to take advantage of the discounts, but take a look of the savings I enjoy:




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