Working Model Of Proactivity (WTR) – 10-30-2017

Transcript of me writing to recover yesterday:

“9:58am on Sunday October 29 and getting to starting this week’s post shows dedication and preparation.  (ps. I’m pretty sure those have to be two items listed in textbooks as something those alive after a head injury tend to lack.)

I’ll have you know I just got done adding a paragraph or two to, revising what already counts as the working draft of my book too!  (I care.)
Based on my life, my formula for success, my methods to recover and a guideline or two, hopefully I’ll find some excess dedication to see that through.

Raising the bar on yourself (myself) constantly is so important.  Do not settle, find yourself content or let any other satisfactory status suffice.  IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

“I’M A BRAWLER!”  –  Maybe that’s why I notice the camera on the outside of my house.  Maybe they know I can’t be held, can’t be contained…  Maybe they want taped documentation of me climbing out of the cocoon I’ve been basting in, marinating in, growing in and building up the strength to break out of in.”       


Ok, now that I shared that, got that out of my brain, opened a bunch of space for new info and creativity..
Today is Monday, see this morning’s post on Instagram to spot what this week’s “work schedule”
looks like!



(I don’t think so!!!)  But, then again.. I can hardly contain myself just thinking about it.  JUST RECENTLY I noticed the outdoor security camera looking mount to the left of my door at my new place!  It’s currently pointed at the entrance to the carport.
I’m guessing that will allow me to see who steps up to the plate, finds it in themselves to show up and be part of the momentum we aim to bring to the world BEFORE THEY EVEN KNOCK ON MY DOOR!

*That just reminded me of, and reinforced my plans to start taping my motivational entries and posts.

You can rest easy too.  My fluids ARE down and I’m chomping on this Raisin Bran RIGHT NOW!



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