Info: Dressage is teaching a horse to be supple, balanced and responsive.
The goal of dressage training is to develop a horse’s flexibility, responsiveness to aids and balance.
This makes the horse stronger and more pleasurable to ride.
If you compete you will always be competing against yourself, as well as others taking the test.
The goal in competition is to always improve on your own score. The judges will give you a score on every element of the dressage test as you ride.
They will look for obedience, suppleness, accuracy, attitude and how well you ride.

“A Fat Brown Mare Can Hardly Ever Kick!”

After halting and saluting the judge you will ride in straight lines and circles as described by your test using the letters as your guide.”

(My personal study sheet ^)



Now, I do want to mention the fantastic time I had last night at the 10th annual Briscoe Awards.  I feel it reinforced my decision to take on the fitness/ motivation/ nutrition and networking career I have.

I’ll go ahead and mention a few of the Champs, promotional specialists, and writers I call friends that I chatted with last night to further strengthen my case below, but want to first take a second to RECOGNIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE and VALIDATE the number of rising stars I met and had the pleasure to see last night.

It’s one thing when you find yourself having to look for friends to admit they know you and it’s something way different when friends call you out for BEING A BOSS, SHOWING UP and BEING SOMEBODY THEY ARE PROUD TO KNOW!


Just a few of these friends can be found below:


First, catching up with and meeting PROFESSIONAL BOXER, Garrett Wilson had me smiling a lot!

Me being the one who saw Catherine Fuego Lebron shuffle past me before I CALLED HER OUT made me feel good too!


Catching up with Frankie Carto and his dad would have made the whole night worth it without the others!  Frank, the father assured me we would be chatting very soon about getting his Champ on our sponsorship team and securing his financial support as well as an nutritional advantage.


Professional writer, George Hanson calling me “Brother” means I’m not only a fellow writer but a brother!


Thanks again for the invite John Disanto!

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  • Talk about success! Yes, I woke up today (and yesterday,) yes I put my health first, yes this and yes that.. but yesterday I NAILED my lesson with the horse. After that though, and after a quick nap in the car of course I went ahead and CONBQUERED LEG DAY at the local gym!

    Box Squats
    Standing Calf Extensions
    Hamstring Curls
    Seated Quadricep Extensions
    Crunches on the Roman Chair

    I took two probiotics with dinner (soup and sandwich) last night and two with my fluids this morning to ensure my digestive system is on track and functioning properly. Raisin Bran is about to be demolished, you already know.

    Make sure you stock up on your Probiotic RESTORE Ultras here:

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