10/10 – Back To Business

Ok…  Shoot me!  It’s Tuesday, not Monday.  I’ve been holding up my end of the deal thus far pretty well.  (It is hot and muggy outside.)

The weekend spent in Chincoteague went very well.  I got some sun, made sure my bare feet touched some sand, saw wild ponies, and only blew my diet once or twice.  (THAT’S NOT BAD!)

I’ve touched base with both my lead climbing instructor and my personal trainer this morning.  Back and Shoulders will be on the chopping block tonight and I will certainly be hustling UP that 30 ft. wall multiple times come Thursday evening.

Go ahead, register on MY training team at TeamIBK.Trainerize.com to get ahold of the guides and routines we use to get ahead.
Disclaimer:  I am getting sick of people thinking I’m working to convince them to try my ways of doing things.  If you or anyone you know is letting their feelings of distain and stubbornness get in their way, that’s ON THEM!


I’m living life the best way I know how and loving every second of it! My potential (as long as I KEEP PUSHING!) is limitless.




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