10-3 “Ok horseback riding, I see you!”

Go ahead call me out.  I like to give more credit to those activities that make their effects felt.  All I know is last night several times and this morning I woke up hardly able to move/ uncomfortable and not knowing what was going on with my body.  “Totally blindsided,” is a good way to put it.

You’ll recall Mondays I train at the local barn.  I did much better yesterday.

Click below to read some benefits horseback riding has that professionals note

Benefits of horseback riding

Dr. Stout says horseback riding offers the following health benefits:


What I can tell you is my back was and is still screaming.  A warm shower this morning did help, but there is no argument in my head whether training on a horse has its results anymore. Pay attention to Recover With Kyle Keech on Facebook today.  I’ll do my best to share any and all research I find on the topic there.


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