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4:59p on Wednesday, September 27. 2017 and JUST NOW logging onto my computer to do today’s work.  I did CHEST last night.  (Rested all day pretty much up until now) Also, I just texted my trainer and CHEST will be worked again tomorrow night as well.  (NO CLIMBING THIS WEEK!)

Last week I targeted Back and Shoulders TWICE too.  It’s a good thing to change up your routines I’ve learned.  That’s what all your fitness writers, wrestling coaches and bodybuilders say anyway.  You don’t want your body getting too used to the routines and sets.  Changing things up, stressing your muscles in new and different ways will only promote GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. If you want to research it yourself, look up MUSCLE CONFUSION and/ or PERIODIZATION.


“The goal with periodization is to maximize your gains while also reducing your risk of injury and the staleness of the protocol over the long term. It also addresses peak performance for competition or meets. Periodization, if appropriately arranged, can peak the athlete multiple times over a competitive season (Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, track and field) or optimize an athlete’s performance over an entire competitive season like with soccer or basketball.” (https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/a-simple-guide-to-periodization-for-strength-training)
Overall, all I’m saying is this is my strategy to recover this week.  Be mindful of yours! Sign up on the mailing list at KyleKeech.com too!


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