WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!  (Write To Recover)

1st of the Month by Bone Thugz, you’re right!  Hahaha, world domination… Starts Now! CHEST, tonight..  FLUIDS, already checked off the list.  A little birdy told me KYLE’S CRIB is coming along nicely and getting there.  Can you dig it?
I’m TWO WEEKS out from turning 29!  I run my own business, work on getting in better and better shape every single day, pay myself to DEVELOP, increase potential weekly, know the impact I see myself making is something NOBODY laughs at and brushes off anymore.  (Can You Blame Me?)

I’M THE ONE LAUGHING when those who dwell in self-pity TRY TO diminish any of the stats I’m putting on the board.

Get used to ACKNOWLEDGING and VALIDATING successes.  That’s how we jive around here!  Go ahead, navigate the organized pages on my site.  I’m not going to give it all away, but a certain page or two (PR) outline what you’ll need to succeed (KP!)

Do not sweat my text reading like hieroglyphics.  Stay tuned and you’ll adjust quite well.    KyleKeech.ORG is a direct link to MY personal page.  Find the template, guide, and master key to succeed on TeamIBK.com.  That page is full of our sponsorship information too because WE SPONSOR RECOVERY!

Back to what I was saying..  Kyle’s Crib, my house and future place of business looks amazing and is going to open SO MANY DOORS for me, I can’t wait! I heard MY ROCK WALL is going to be 8 foot high.  (Perfect bouldering height!)


The video above (NO AFFILIATION!) does a great job of explaining a few things.  Firstly, notice how Waylon Lewis breaks up his work day!  I cannot make it clear enough I don’t think, I EXPECT my life to forever be full of progress and everlasting success!

(Wish I remembered that before I texted “See you guys Thursday evening!” to my team at Reading Rocks) Hahahaha!

MOVING ON!!!  We discussed making my usual climbing night a gym night this week, last week. Tonight’s CHEST SESSION is outlined and packaged perfectly for those already on the TRAINING TEAM! –  Just click on the Starter Routine Page’s link @ http://www.kylekeech.com/in-the-gym/starter-routine/ for an overview/intro to our training team! (That is now located in the drop-down menu under the IN THE GYM TAB up above.)



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