It makes me laugh a bit thinking about it honestly.  Who would have thought I, ME, KYLE KEECH figured out the formula for everlasting success and unstoppable progress?  I know my expectations for output were minute compared to actual results.

Words on the tip of my tongue counting for a BIG PART of Monday’s total “workday” agenda, that’s what I’m talking about!


PROPOSED SCRIPT (08/07/2017):


“Look at me. I haven’t even showered yet. Fluids ARE down, Probiotics: TAKEN, Team GROWTH Email: Received… Same HUSTLE, Different MUSCLE!”

8am, clocking in? I’ll blame it on the rain. Usual Trainer has an appointment this evening I hear, Backup Trainer, CONTACTED.

Was thinking about it and I KNOW searching through the exercise library, I’m going to find plenty of HOME-BASED ROUTINES I’ll be able to do. Soup can curls, ripping phonebooks, stretching…

I took TWO PROBIOTICS this morning to ensure MY Digestive Health is functioning properly!

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I just mixed my Slim. That’ll be devoured shortly. Was just followed on Instagram by a fellow aspiring author too. Direct messaged him already about the sponsorships FOR WRITERS we provide.

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^ That’s ONE POST on MY wall.  Embracing everything I have going for me like a CHAMP doesn’t even do it justice.  What’s even funnier is the pessimistic looks I get when I share as much as I can as often as I can.  THAT’S A FACT! (You’re not hurting me by brushing me off!)  DO YOU!  😊

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  • Nothing ypu ever do surprises me! You are “one in a million”! AMAZING YOUNG MAN, AND I AM SOOO HAPPY U R MY GRANDSON! I LOVE YOU!

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