Setting Boundaries

Okay, let’s have some fun.  Silence your phones, old school playlist on…

I don’t know about you but I know I tend to exceed expectations much more efficiently when I can fully put tunnel vision into effect.

Tunnel vision (also known as Kalnienk vision) is the loss of peripheral vision with retention of central vision, resulting in a constricted circular tunnel-like field of vision..” blah blah blah.. (WIKI..)


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Let’s use our morning routines as an example.  Do the same routine long enough and functioning on autopilot will serve you in dividends.  FLUIDS, HYGIENE, NUTRITION, DOCUMENTATION!

Everything else, the urge to drink another cup of coffee, styling your hair, catching the news BEFORE you get your routine done, everything, is a distraction.
It’s perfectly acceptable to be so goal-driven that nothing takes away from you achieving your goals!

I just had an egg sandwich FOR LUNCH because it’s PROTEIN and because I’M A BOSS!  The Spark consumed also has my brain on overdrive, functioning on a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL!

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