Write To Recover 5-16


If you are not the happiest person (besides me) that you know, that’s on you.  That’s how I see it because I know and can attest to the fact that I have, personally given you the blueprint to accomplishing and acquiring the life of your dreams!  Yes, that makes me feel good.

Today’s “workday” started with me organizing/ writing out what’s going to make this week count.  Horseback riding, climbing rock walls, hitting the gym, eating correctly, getting enough sleep, writing to recover and leading the pack are all synonyms for what I do for a living.  It makes me laugh when people pass up on the opportunity I intentionally share as much as I can.  #canthelpeverybody #thatstheirloss

Just to hint at one aspect of my future that is adding to my excitement is.. in my backyard there are/ will be TWO youth baseball fields!  Like what!?!

Could I have planned that better?  A young man/ fitness and motivation blogger/ sports enthusiast having multiple sports venues within 100 yards of his house just sounds too good to be true.  I can just picture sitting on my back porch, sipping tea, and taking notes for my next article.


Reflecting on the weekly schedule I jotted down earlier, 2 hours of physical activity/ a day PLUS at least 1 hour of writing a day PLUS 1 hour of networking/ video-taping/ outreach a day EQUALS 28 hours a week of conscious effort/ work put in to achieve my goals.  #giveortakerespectfully

As my IG states:  (@keechkyle)

My life is a living, breathing document that I add to daily. Get over it, I have… AND I’M LOVING IT!”

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    KYLE: are u talking about ur new house? Sounds GREAT!

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