Organic Operations

I have no problem being the “Middle Man.”
  (Absolutely None)
This past weekend, I’d like to acknowledge the fact, that happened to be a big step for our efforts here at TeamIBK.

If you look to the list of Current Projects on, it is topped with the newest addition to the team.  Clemente Cintron is the son of Mr. Kermit Cintron from the Trainer’s Page.  From what I’ve heard he is a baller.  I’ve already initiated talks between him, his father, and Jared Price from the Character Endorsements page.  Just imagine, as our team grows, and more and more connections are made, the impact on athletes we reach could be quite significant.

I have Equestrian therapy this afternoon.  The eggs, probiotics, and applesauce I just ate are definitely going to go to good use!   KEEP PUSHING!

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