3.9. UPDATE!

Ok…  EXCUSE ME if you see this as a sales…  I don’t even want to say it.  (WON’T)
This morning, March 9’s post can be and should be seen as another example of “WRITING TO RECOVER!”

Got it?  Good.  Ok, yesterday before my amazing, 3 hour, 11 ascent, record-breaking session @ Reading Rocks I got the go ahead from “Patrick From Storytellers” to share some of his artwork on my site.  Definitely look forward to that.

Old Pic from 10 years ago, but still amazing!  Patrick From Storytellers  AMAZING ARTWORK COMING SOON!  (Keep your eyes open!)

In case I didn’t mention it, this week, Monday or Tuesday I think it was I officially rededicated my energies to getting stronger. 

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