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Hopefully you’ve caught it on Facebook this morning.  If not, climbing this week will be going down Wednesday afternoon at 4!  That’ll be what time you can get there at least.  Last week I got there early and broke records accordingly. I don’t think I mentioned it publicly yet, but acknowledging the fact that there were ZERO BREAKS between my 6th ascent, 7th ascent and 8th ascent must take place!  GET STOKED FOR PROGRESS BEING MADE!  Those kinds of marks better start being made in your column. Research, I know can be done in regards to goal setting, being practical and not overdoing things.  I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!
Go ahead, stay on the sidelines punk.  Stop overthinking.  Beat your chest and unleash the beast inside!  If that doesn’t work, do your best to impersonate me and be the chief. I sincerely hope you can sense the excitement in my voice.  That’s for YOU, for ME, MY SUCCESS, and HOPEFULLY YOURS TOO! 

I’m writing this week’s post a day early ‘cause I’m in a hyped kind of mood.  I got the WHOLE world in my hands and I KNOW IT! 

Hopefully you are already on the mailing list, but I’m really going to try to stop bringing that up.  Things already have AND ARE STILL adding up to something that was certainly considered near impossible at one time. –  You know… back when I gave more than deuces to the doubters, REASONABLE FOLK and alike overpaid (in my opinion) number crunchers.


Remember friends, create a life of your liking by simply getting to work on your very own personal page on www.TeamIBK.comBYE!





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