Back To Basics – 2.13


Tone and Spasticity, two of the most taboo words in the world of recovery and physical performance.  Below, I’ll link a few articles detailing how the effects of tone and spasticity differ when head injury and other neurological injuries are involved.

“Hypertonicity or spastic dystonia is a continual increase in the muscle tension compared to normal resting tension, regardless of movement.” (



Above is a bit of information from respected medical doctors and researchers.  Today’s post however, will detail a bit about what my body seems to be going through.  Let’s take things back to last weekend.  If you noted the post on Facebook some days ago, I mentioned the trouble I was having advancing my legs.  I thought that was due to over-training and working them to death.  That may still be a root cause, but signs currently point to the amount of tone in especially my left leg being reduced to such a level that I am having to resort to poorer posture and hunching. I could not find any research on the benefits of Functional Spasticity.  (Maybe that’s my word) Either way, once you get used to something, the removal of that said “something” may include some unwanted side-effects.  JELL-O LEGS, inefficient strength, aching knees are some of the conditions I am facing. This morning, standing tolerance exercises started again.  Ya, I sat down just as the 3min 30second timer chirped, BUT…  Keep Pushing!

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