Creative Confidence


Sure, I’ll SHARE a few links to some informational articles on confidence on FACEBOOK today, settle down.  This post is being put together to fuel my interests and my momentum.

“GOT ‘EM!!!!” is all I really need to say.  ALL CYLINDERS FIRING AT FULL BLAST! is more like it.  Today, I plan to update Thomas Snyder’s area on  He let me know the astounding rate at which his body is reacting to and taking advantage of the ALL-IN 24 Day Challenge at yesterday.
In the first 16 days of his challenge, he is down 8 pounds.
  Excuse me, but I’m pretty darn sure that means ON AVERAGE he is down half a pound a day!

Oh yea!  Last night I climbed a different route at Reading Rocks.  Did amazing if I don’t say so myself.    I don’t want to brag, but literally just thinking about the idea to bring a crowd with me TO WATCH and CLIMB is really saying something.


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