Words On My Mind

Words On My Mind


First, “Occupational Therapy…” according to Google, Occupational Therapy is a “form of therapy for those recuperating from physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life.”

In practical terms, Occupational Therapy focuses on training or re-teaching the extremities responsible for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) how to do their jobs.  Strengthening the muscles used to tie your shoes is a perfect example.  Hand-eye coordination is a huge obstacle and measurable deficiency in many, many stroke victims, injury survivors, patients and alike.

Being able to hold a pencil and write is actually such a complex feat.  Be proud if you’re already at that point.  I’m no expert in that field so I’ll let you ponder those facts and reach out to those professionals if you wish.
To me, when I look at the term “Occupational Therapy,” I break the words up.  The real definition does infer strengthening what’s needed in the working world, writing, computing, drawing, typing on the computer, so on and so forth. I may include too many activities in that area thinking that every single thing I do adds up to equal some sort of therapy… but it seems to pay off so I’ll do that mmkay?

I suggest you do the same.  I’ve always hated putting myself first.  Believe me I still do.  Maybe acknowledging that in this public forum will serve me well…  Help me realize that focusing on my wellbeing and performance for the time being is acceptable.
When I started brainstorming what to focus on in this post LAST NIGHT, I thought about a few things.  1 being that “Occupational Therapy” content above, the crazy relevance of “Political Correctness” these days and my love for literature.

I won’t go into depth mentioning “Political Correctness” because that hooey is bull.. but I will do what I can at the spur-of-the-moment to pay my respects to literature/ poetry to conclude today’s post.  Enjoy.


They can sometimes litter the walls we see, painted with unique, beautiful expression.
They also, can be a defense system, a wall to shelter our own feelings.
Tense emotions, fierce fires lit inside your breath, magic stories upon a chest.
An ending that you choose usually works best.

Kyle Keech

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  • Anne McGlone

    Beautiful poem Kyle. great choice of words. And thanks for the posts, as always you are an inspiration my man! Keep Pushing.

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