Hard Work and Dedication:  Old Friends, New Friends, Boxing and True friends

Steve Fleisher, Nino DelBuono, Charlie Sgrillo

Do not be afraid to let go of those who choose to not roll with your crew. That’s their loss.
This past weekend will be cherished certainly by myself, those who saw me overjoyed with development, those I met and those I caught up with.
First things first, Saturday while resting after working on stomach at the local gym I got a text from my climbing partner, Sam Moll seeing if I’d like to go to a show he had an extra ticket to.
In less than 5 seconds a “Yeaa!” was my response.

Arrangements were made, rides and such discussed. Before I knew it, the show was over and I was actually speaking to/introducing myself to the lead singer of Shovels and Rope.


I bunked in the city actually with my one and only older sister. Don’t ask me if I slept on the couch or in a bed. Details are insignificant.

The next day, Sunday, yesterday I didn’t even think I was going to make it to the awards Show I had tickets to.
We were casually late I thought to myself the rest of the afternoon.
Headshots, pictures with Fighters of the year, seeing hard work and dedication pay off..  I was smiling ear to ear.

It’s almost surreal when you realize you can hear somebody in a room of thousands yelling your name trying to get your attention. Stay tuned to Recover With Kyle Keech on Facebook for more pics, accounts and thoughts on that.

It’s the 3rd week in this month’s rotation IN MY WORKOUT ROUTINE, Biceps and Triceps it is.






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