It Was A Great Roast



First, today I want to extend my thanks to Sam Moll, Sideshoot Farm and The Daily Loaf Bakery.  The pigroast I attended there Saturday pretty much blew my mind.  Apple butter IN the barbeque sauce, just sounds good doesn’t it?

Great friends, great food and great times hardly begins to describe the festivities.  Shortly after arriving, a tap on the shoulder and a husky “Kyle, do you remember who I am?” surely startled me.  Especially when a man with the fullest beard I’ve ever seen was the one tapping. 

It took some convincing, but a kid from when I was little began to reintroduce himself.  He introduced me to his wife, filled me in on his life and made the event even more memorable.  He was much bigger than I remember obviously.  He used to be big into soccer.  He shared with me that he and his wife were big bicycling enthusiasts.  They cycled across America apparently (which is crazy) and yada yada yada..

It’s Monday, Back and Shoulders, 5pm, be there.  Just this morning WHILE NETWORKING an enthusiast asked me for some guidance building up his pecs.  I directed him to the Exercise Library linked to  Hopefully that’ll answer all his questions.  Maybe, just maybe he’ll step up to the plate and take his performance to the next level by letting us sponsor him.

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