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In a recent post I mentioned the incorporation of the newer training software we are still getting used to.  Our team has now grown to offer one-on-one training.  Strength building, toning up and losing weight have never been easier.  Check out KyleKeech.org to find a link to the interface.  Your first month of training is on us so even if you sign up for the trial just to check it out, it would be a great idea.
The training I speak of includes video tutorials and personal messaging.  (I kind of wish I had someone pushing and directing my workouts BESIDES MYSELF to be honest with ya’)
After your trial, for less than $20 a month you will have a library of exercises, a personal coach and nutrititional guidance all in your pocket.  The link below takes you to the video that is on my personal page, but if you scroll down on my page and hit the “Video” text link under the informational content you can watch an introductory video more personal to you and you getting involved.

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