Something To Think About..

Cutting off the very bottoms of your sweats, the elastic part might make it easier to get them off after a long day or workout.  (THANKS MOM!)
Making tasks easier, more accomplishable DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK WEAK.  I, myself will admit I’ve always chose to do things the harder “NORMAL” way because I’m stubborn.
Guess what..  Just this morning, I again realized that.  Not that anybody else’s opinion matters but I know I have better things to do with my time and energy.  Be proud you’re doing the smarter thing.  Do whatever you gotta’ do upstairs to accept yourself doing things the more efficient way.
I don’t want to waste much time today pointing out the obvious because you are smart.  You’re already doing all that you can to get ahead, I know that.
LEGS tonight adhering to the newly adapted to rotation schedfule.  We covered that so I’m moving on!
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