Part II. – NOW!


“Listen Champ… NAPS HELP!”

Do not be afraid to embrace renewed ambitions and energy, ever.  I mean it.  I am one to resist naps and resting just as much as the next guy.  Believe that.  When you have so much going on in your life and endless potential (being on TeamIBK), every day is going to feel like Christmas Eve for a young child.

If you think about it and have been taking my advice to wake up excited for your day every day, just imagine..  If I could make every day a continuous succession of mornings I would.  Renewed energy makes your body work better, your head clearer, ambitions: 100, your mood: “Excited” and everything better.

This morning’s list of completed tasks involved adding yet another friend to the list of friends on, reaching out to and sharing some information about the proteins we endorse with a very healthy friend and adding to the list of items under the “Recognition” text on the Coach’s Page.

That friend, Wesley is actually already on the list of friends.  I did some research on his behalf and sent him the link (
Wesley Linton

I put him in touch with Coach Chertow, my mentor.  (Check him out here)   I will let you know how his body responds to the better supplementation if he moves forward with it.

Megan Gimpel is now on that list of friends too.  She works at TALK Institute and School.  They specialize in educating students with Autism.  I studied with her in my latter years at Penn State.  I look forward to learning more about her physical activity and health,

Megan From TALK Institute and School
Megan From TALK Institute and School

To that list on the Coach’s Page, I added a picture of my NOW HANGING diploma from school.






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