“Working Model (08/26/2016)”

Jeff Spilar
Jeff Spilar, USMC

Goood morning friends!  Just because I woke up thinking about it, today’s post is going to reinforce the fact that I am living the life I am supposed to be living.  At some point this morning, I’ll be adding another friend to the list of friends on TeamIBk.com.  His name is Jeff and he, honorably served our great country in The United States Marine Corps (USMC).

That’s not my area of expertise so I won’t act like I know what I’m talking about there.  I will say though, THE KEECH FAMILY SUPPORTS THE MARINE CORPS AND EVERY BRANCH OF SERVICE.  THANKS!

The second item on my to-do list today is “Write John About Ad.”  If you’ve been following OUR journey these past few years, you’ll remember that attending and adding to magnificence of The Briscoe Awards (@Xfinity LIVE) in years past has put the biggest smile on my face.  John Disanto, editor and webmaster of PhillyBoxingHistory.com has indeed become a good friend of mine and that’s just amazing.

Briscoe Awards - 2016

Last time I ran an ad, still in our infancy, it featured one of our first hopefuls.  Those ambitions have since sizzled, but with a motto like “KEEP PUSHING,” we do not know how else to react.


Moving Onnnn…  dude’s kind of excited.  Not only am I home alone right now counting down the seconds until my ride swings by and we head down to AC (again) for ANOTHER mini-vaca, Sunday is my 28th birthday!

Yea.. everything in my life being FULL THROTTLE right now is kind of exhausting… but SLEEPING WHEN I’M DEAD never sounded like such a good idea!


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