Let’s Knock This One Out!

OK..  Let’s see.  Thursday’s agenda already has CLIMBING written in BOLD all over it.  That’s at 6:15 tonight at READING ROCKS if you want to climb out of the shadows and show us what you’re really made of.

Just because it helps me prove what I’m made of a bit, let me tell you a little about my week so far: 
Monday, of course I did legs.
Tuesday, chest.
Tuesday, fell down wooden ramp, knocked my two front teeth out.  (Laughed it off!)
Wednesday, confirmed climbing Thursday was a go.
Wednesday, got seen by Dr. Wolitarsky from Wallace & Wolitarsky Dental Associates, GOT A BRAND NEW SMILE, laughed some more realizing I AM THE TOUGHEST INDIVIDUAL I KNOW.
Wednesday, heard from Marly Delargy, WHO IS ALREADY on TeamIBK.com and confirmed with her that her coaching classes are going well.
Thursday, got in the shower and showered with min. assist
Thursday, ate Raisin Bran, Yogurt, drank another water for breakfast
Thursday, wrote and published this post on KyleKeech.com




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